Starting from now!!! I'm going to accomplish my resolution of stay awake after my subuh prayer so I could kick off to my office early. Bhasyaaa!!!

Nora's album is finished..well I'm going to add the last window picture for the front cover and it's all hers to ponder..hehe.

Just got my t-shirt for the company trip this weekend. I ordered long sleeve M size. But it is really biggg!! It's like L size for short sleeve one. I guess it fits me better as a pyjama. I can't exchange it for a smaller one meaning I need to just bear with it..hmm hmm..Nvm la.

I have an entry prepared in my laptop but due to an unfortunate event this morning, I didn't dare to open my laptop to transfer it into the pendrive. I forgot to do so last night. That leads to this entry..huuu..

Can't wait for this weekend..an escape to the beachhhh...bitchhh!!!yieahahaha!!!
Oh..btw..I'm getting serious in photography service this year. If any of you interested to use our service feel free to browse through simbolique art. The link is just in the sidebar there.