Sakit mengampun dosa??

There are a lottt of things I want to do during my free time especially the night after my office hours ended everyday. Hmm..let me list it down here;

1. I want to finalize all the pictures that I took during my engagement day including the journey of going there and going back from there.

2. I want to create my own emoticons. After I read Ad3ck's entry, I feel want to have my own emoticons.

3. I want to compile all the pictures that I want to print. Some for my personal collection, some for my friends and the most important one are the one for Cembam. I think I'm gonna print like 200pcs..hmm hmm

4. I want to watch the anime that I've downloaded before

5. I want to watch the DVD that my colleague lent me months ago and also the one I bought from Penang.

But for the last 2 nights I felt so exhausted maybe due to the trip. And it become worse with a sudden stomach ache..huhu. I dont feel want to get an MC from the doctor leaving my team leader alone with all those pile of things to do. But fortunately, I feel OK in the morning.

Hmm...I hope this 3-day holidays would satisfy my needs...hehehe..