New Year Eve

Being on-leave for 2 consecutive 4-day-leave is starting to corrupt my working-mind as those days seems so overwhelming, making me so comfortable and getting myself lost in my own 8-day-dream of jobless yet with money - My ultimate dream (after the one of becoming so rich because my face resembles someone's deceased beloved and only son of a billionaire).

It's Saturday and I am watching 'Sex and the City' after my subuh prayer trying not to waste 5 hours of the Saturday with a sleep.

Owkh..I came to the part where the marriage was called-off. The bride was so indulged with her gown, the preparations, the wedding till she really forgot about what it is all supposed to be - them. About him and her. The wisdom of the story so far for me is, 'Please always have your cellphone with you till the time your bride or groom is with you'. Either you are the one holding it or ask someone to do so. IT'S DAMN IMPORTANTTTTT!! was my first time celebrating New Year with other friends apart of just spending my time like usual at home doing nothing, get to bed early and listening to the fireworks' sound half-asleep far away~~~.

Yeop asked me and Ayman to join his family for a barbeque. Well, it's much different than what I've imagined, but even better. (Dont get the wrong idea yeop..ehehehe). It's simple yet entertaining. Getting to know new faces (sorry not dare to use the word 'new friend' as I'm not sure if you guys would consider me as a new friend after a night..=p).

We had a barbeque..A compliment for Carefour marinated chicken. The taste was really nice. Then the sausage that looks a bit...emm..corny..ahaahaha!!! It looks burnt and exhausted...ahahaha!! But the girls love it..dont you?!! Wahahahaha!!!

We watched the firework from the balcony and then we had a photoshoot when everybody started to get giddy. No picture of Zaffar. Marlena tugged him into the bed early. But nevermind, he smiled and chuckled so hard when I held him that night..That's enough for me.

We had a nice time and no traffic jam..Bhasyaaaa!!!!!. Other pictures..just browse my Flickr baby..