nag nag

Just came back from Tabung Haji. I've withdrawn some money for this weekend. Hopefully it would suffice the expenses for 3days 2nights there. Cembam still looking for a chalet or rented house (homestay) for us.

I received Rm200 voucher of Jusco from my company as a token of appreciation after all the shots we took (with my other friend) during the company trip. Ya lorr..we couldn't join the crowds...taking part in the fun activities because we need to capture all those in our cameras. way of shopping with the voucher is to buy something that U would never buy with ur own money...hehehe. I need an office shoe..leather-shoe-sorta-like. That's the only compulsory thing I needed to buy.

After I bought a crocodile shoe on sale (sumpah!!if with my own way in hundred years), I still have some vouchers left. I went to buy a sport socks, then I bumped into one thing that I've really wanted to buy but not with my money of course..what was it?? It's a swimming tight pant!! Ahaha!! The last dive I did at Bukit Jalil aquatic center almost made me naked inside the pool..U know, the tight I used was Rm7 one..the rubber on the waist was not really tight..Lucky enough I managed to grab hold on it..

It costs me Rm67..huwahahahaa!!! Yaa..sounds like so wasting the voucher..but it's not that suffering if U compare it with wasting ur MONEY..Hence..I bought it.

At the end of the night, I overspent Rm30 because the swimming tight was an impulsive buying. I got these;
-Crocodile leather shoe
-2 pcs Renoma singlet
-Kronos socks
-Speedo swimming tight