Mari belajar bahasa jawa. Ep 1

I'm soo bored!! The tasks for today have already been settled. Just waiting for some of the confirmation emails or any replies from the users after necessary advices have been explained to them.

I met with my friend the other night, my ex-housemate who was recently married and now waiting impatiently to be a father. He was talking about his colleagues who are mostly javanese. He said that he's so keen to learn javanese language.

Penyubiru has already shared on Terengganu's dialect in his entries. So during this boresome office hours, I was thinking of sharing it to U guys who might be interested on javanese language.

Ok..for the first episode..I'm gonna put some easy common phrases ;

1. tek ku (the tek sounds like 'tech')
Meaning : Mine. Aku punya

2. Wes apik
Meaning : Wes = dah /already. Apik = Elok/nice

3. Sopo jengen ney?
Meaning : sopo = siapa/what/who. Jengen = Nama/name. Ney =nya

4. Mbakyu = kakak /sister

5. Kakang = abang/brother

6. Mbok = mak/mom

7. Kepiyen = macam mana / how

8. Kapan = bila/when

9. Arek = nak/wants

10. Orak = tak

Alrite..these 10 first...huhu!!! U can put the phrase u want to know in malay in the comments box..n I'll let u know how to speak it in javanese..ehehe..jaa neeee