Company Trip Ep 3


I am not really lucky~~~

There was a lucky draw during the main event of the company trip - Hawaian Beach Dinner. We dressed based on the theme. I don't have any flowery shirts or shorts to suit the theme. Luckily enough I managed to borrow it from my housemate. I've even promised him that I would treat him a nice meal if I won the Best Dress title. Yaa..I know it's impossible. I think I could've won the 'so-so dress' title.

I am so envy to those who luckily won PSP, PS3, Nintendo Wii, 32-inch LCD TV, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Dell Flat screen monitor, 3D2N Bali trip, Rm500 Isetan vouchers..arghhh!!! But ok lor still got Ipod shuffle as a complimentary souvenir.

During the night, my roommate n I just hoping around in front of the camera...We really enjoyed ourselves.

I couldn't find jeruk salak anyway in the night market so I just bought some from one of the stall at Tapah stop for my housemates.