Company Trip EP. 2

Ok..Let's continue on my company trip nagging

While waiting others and the buses.

We gathered at KL Sentral to depart on Friday morning around 10 a.m. There were 3 buses for Friday morning departure and another bus in the afternoon. My roommate, Ayman was on the afternoon bus so he would arrived later.

Look at the meter. Now you know why i fasten my seatbelt huh??

We stopped for a break at Hentian Tapah for our lunch. Along the way I just had a long nap with the seat belt strapped around my waist. It was very fortunate that we didn't stuck in a jam on the penang bridge. (hey I think penang bridge LDP is nicer la..hehe)

Made myself a hot coffee while waiting the scorching sun showed it's mercy

Arrived at the hotel, we were welcomed with iced lemon tea while waiting in the queue to get our access card to the room. Being alone, I just took my time to relax, enjoying the view, took pictures of myself jumping on the bed (not really nice pic) and while watching 'the guardian' in star movies.

See it's tail. I told has been rebonded woh

After asar, I texted my friend..brought my camera and went to the beach to take some photos. There are lots of things u can do. Ping pong, water polo, swimming, riding the horse with trimmed and rebonded tail, riding the quadbike, parasailing and lots more. But for the first day, I just watched and took pictures.


Some kids with high sugar level

Quadbike or ATV