Company Trip EP. 1

Just got back from the company trip yesterday evening. But still managed to play sepak takraw right after the taxi dropped me at my house. I changed to my sportswear then took off to the court...Yaa..I was still pretty energetic after the long hours on the bus.

To put it in brief, we stayed at Golden Sands Resort, Shang-ri La. Some said it's 5-star..I don't know. Nice place, great swimming pools, services and food. A lot of activity can be done. The beach is private one I think. Situated opposites the EDEN Parade.

Night view from my room

Day view

The beach

THe trip was free n easy. The main event was the dinner on saturday night after the morning telematch a.k.a sukaneka. I couldn't find jeruk salak around the night market but tonnes of pirated DVD for RM4 each. I bought Jet Li n Jackie Chan's kungfu movie collection. I checked one of the DVD last night...the old Jet Li movies dont have subs. damn.. Still remember the seller said I can drop by and change the DVD..I'm from KL damn ittt!!!!

So, I'm gonna share about the trip little by little with some pictures in the next entries...