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>> Sunday, December 7, 2008

It was the longest journey back to my hometown...

As U all have already knew that I'm in the middle of a very tight budget after Benaffey's operation, I decided to carpool with my friend, Irman. I texted him on Friday night.

He fetched me up from my house as I need to bring in my motorcycle into the house. I don't have any solex for Benaffey. So it would be really generous to just left it outside while most of the folks around my place were already gone heading towards their hometowns.

We kicked off from my house at 1.05p.m and arrived home at 4.35p.m. What a long journey this time. Usually it took around 2-2 and a half hour to reach my house. (No pit stop)


Just finished helping my mom and the rest of the siblings with the cooking errands. I helped with crushing the groundnuts for our Kuah Kacang, Parut kelapa (camne nk sebut BI ni?) and weaving the Ketupat. I was about to tag along with my friend shooting for his client's engagement, but I didn't get any reply from him as I was asking about the location.

Just want to learn more about the flash control so I would be fully confident and ready during Nora's wedding. I'm waiting for his reply still.

Owkh, for the last ONeHealth Lunch N Learn, you guys can check it here...


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