When my family went wild!!

It's Wednesday..can't wait for tomorrow for the 4-day leave..hehe. I really hope I could do something nice this time. My family said they would come to KL as they need to drive Biba back to UPM for the new semester.

Last night I managed to prepare some pictures that would be used in this entry while watching Heroes S3.

The restaurant at Sg Besar where we had one of our dinner

the pose after we full.

Remember I mentioned bout my family and their wetworld adventure. I don't have any picture on it coz I didn't join them sliding and splashing. But after they had their fun, we gathered at Jusco Bukit Raja and then had our dinner at Tesco Bukit Raja.

After dinner, we went to the game arcade. There's no bowling arena there so we just hope we could enjoy ourselves playing light games at the arcade. Dad and Mom played the croc-hammer. I dont know what it is called. You just have to hit the crocs with the hammer. Then we raced for a while before the whole Tesco blacked out. I didnt even get my chance to play with the tokens.

We waited for a while but after seeing that it wont be fixed in the shortest time, we decided to just leave. The tokens were given to my sister who lives in S.Alam. But we still had a nice time. Almost a complete family except my army brother wasn't there with us.