Weekend update

Another weekend ended making the days closer to the end of 2008.

Saturday - Nothing much happened as I woke up around 12 noon. My housemates have already doing some errands and getting ready for a date. I lazily cleaned up myself and checked my SMS. My friend wanted to come by for the One Piece DVD.

The time he arrived, I was preparing my meal. White rice that I cooked the night before and 2 pieces of burger beefs. Suddenly heavy rain poured down, I prepared hot tea for my friend and we watched History's Strongest Disciple, Kenichi's anime while waiting the last drop of the rain.

Sunday - I have more than 1 plan at the same time. There's a sepaktakraw tournament organised by us that morning. We have already prepared the courts, made a small drain to lead the water into the big drain so the courts will easily dried after the rain and all the related things.

The original plan was to come to my colleague's wedding. But after being talked by my friends who really wants me to play that morning, I had to let the wedding and the photography plans aside. I was thinking of joining the FMDC's outing at Zoo negara before the wedding. But I played for the game instead.

Lots of really great players gathered that morning. The tournament went very smooth till the noon approached. The sun spared us from it's blaze and when the clouds decided to block it for us. But when it was my turn to play, the rain started to go wild during my 2nd set. The game was halted. We waited and waited but in the end, the organizer decided to split the prize money to all the remaining 16 teams.

So, my team was one of them!!! We already lost the first set, but because it wasn't finished, I was considered the last 16 teams...yeaaaa!!! The entrance fee was RM50 and we won Rm105. Ok lor..ahahaha!!!

We continued playing as usual in the evening after we mopped the whole court. I played a lot!! Soooo satisfied!!!