Ulu Yam before the disastreous landslide

Late Update~~~

29th Nov, On Saturday last week - Nora was asking if I wanted to spend the day at Ulu Yam. I just went to gabai with Cembam that Thursday, but the cold water never bored me. As Cembam was having her own plan that day, I decided to join them.

Other than us, were Sara n Yaman, Nora's colleague. The plan didn't went well at first. When I was driving to the meeting location, Sara and Nora were just woke up. I waited at Ukay Perdana's Petronas for about an hour. The area was blacked out. Making it even worse as waiting for them inside the station was barely cooling me off.

When they arrived, I parked my car at Taman Melati and joined them. We reached there around 12.30p.m. When we went here the last time, we walked up a bit to find our spot. But that day I found out a nice spot just in front of the entrance. We need to cross the stream a bit for the nice spot for our luggage. It looks safer as someone can't just walked by and snatch our belongings.

I really enjoyed myself.

Around 3 o'clock, we started changing our clothes and left the place. We stopped at the mosque and had our late lunch at sate kajang samuri Taman Melati. We were planning for bowling after that. But when I was driving along the way heading to Ampang superbowl, I thought of playing sepak takraw as the weather seems so nice. The passed days were raining, so I was exhilarated. I texted Nora that I changed my mind and if it's ok for not going to bowl.

I assumed they were also exhausted and we parted ways. (maybe they actually pissed off when I changed my mind and not going..ahahhaha!!Consider it as revenge for waiting u guys..akakaka). Anyway, I really enjoyed my time that day and I also managed to play sepak takraw after enduring the ticking time and the traffic jam using my speed-while-you-can driving in KL principle.

More photos in my Flickr of course.