Owkh..It's Friday!! Most of us have already preparing for the upcoming eid. The roads will be flooded not just by water, but with all the cars. I'm not sure whether the flood caused by the rain in some of the states would affecting their balik kampung plan. But for those who will be going back to your safely yah.

Like usual, Friday is the day when the time seems to be ticking so slow. I don't really know what should I do to entertain me anymore while waiting the office hours ended. Outside seems dark. I am having a really free time today. I think I should do what I wanted to do since last week. I found out that my blog has a follower!!! Ahahha..this crappy yet cute blog has a follower!! I really appreciate it. And even more appreciated as she's the only follower!!! Ahahaha!!

So, to appreciate your effort to follow my blog..I hereby present U the award that U have won..yesss!!! YOU!! you MAK SU!! Here..

Jeng jeng!!!!

Thanks for the support!! Dont hesitate to type in your speech in the comment box ye mak su!! Ehehhehehe!!! Please accept this award. I created it an hour ago..eehehehe!! You can display it in your entry later.

But to those who willingly read through my entries, my beloved readers..thanks also to all of U. I really appreciated it. You guys are awesomeee!!!! I'll be creating more awards la after this. Sounds fun je..ehehe. Love U all bebehh!!!

I think nothing more to be nagged about. Happy AidulAdha everybody!!!