Today is another day that I've managed to skip my ritual after-subuh nap. The only thing is that how the hours waiting for the clocked ticking to 9 was rather spent by watching episode 8 of smallville than doing anything more beneficial by anyone else's definition.

Unlike other TV series that I've been collecting, I didn't have the urge to burn all these smallville's episodes from the first season. It's already 8th season and it's started way back since before I entered the college. The pattern of the episodes are almost the same in each. But the storyline is still something that needs to be followed from the first season to make sure you really understand about the guy with the blue shirt and red sweater's life on his journey of becoming a superhero who likes to fly and likes to wear tight weared with an underwear on the outside.

"Living among the humans and inspired mankinds". The path of ClarK kent..

Owkh..got to go now. office is waiting..Will continue this once I'm on my desk..ehehehe!!

Ahahaha..Its 10.39p.m and I'm continuing this entry from Island red Cafe Pandan Indah. Just finished my dojo class just now. Owkh..for those waiting for Nora's Akad Nikah picture, just click here. Heee...The wedding pictures would be uploaded soon.

Ahhh...I dont have mood to nag anymore....I want to skip work tomorrow...cannn????