Selamat Hari Jadi ye..

Today is Sultan Selangor's birthday. Of course most of selangorians would be happy as they get a one-day leave for that.

Me, on the other hand just working like usual and that's the sole reason why you guys could see this entry is published =].

The media is covering the incident of Bukit Antarabangsa's landslide for almost a week now. A lot of stories have been told verbally, by writing or from the news in the television. And surely there's a lot of opinions, unsatisfactions, irritations and some other emotions while we were listening or reading it.

There has been complaints lodged by the victims about the treatments that they received. But from other side of the story a lot of people talking about it and assuming things.

Some says it's a warning from the Almighty, a lesson to be extracted from the gruesome incident. They have to stay in a school and they might know that if they donate a bit for the school, the school might be a better place for the kids. They know how it feels to be homeless.

Some even get to stay in a hotel..What a treatment. Will all of us would get the same treatment? A complaint has been lodged about being called stupid for buying the house at the first place. Surely it's really wrong to talk like that. But we don't know what happened before that someone using the word stupid to her.

One guy has reported that the army handed him a hoe and asked him to dig his wife himself out from the rubble. But again, we don't know what happened before the army handed him the hoe. The victims are considered rich people. THey dont live the way we live perhaps. They don't live a hard life like some of us perhaps. Yet when they have been in this kind of situation, they acted differently..maybe.

Hmm..I dont know if you guys understand what I am trying to say here. I cant write it in a clear way cause I dont want to be sued for putting up my opinion on the table.

Jaa Neee...