How's ur weekend guys? MIne is pretty hectic. Some of you might have already start your long holiday till next year and I am looking forward to the same thing as well. However, the work still needs to be attended by someone in the team and I guess It's Gonna Be Me (read it like the N'sync song).

I went to Nora's wedding as her photographer on Saturday and Sunday. Then after the wedding I went to S.Alam to join my family as on Sunday morning my whole family went to S.Alam lead by my sis and Fikri. They went to the wet world there. My father was so excited..totally excited.

Lot of pictures taken. My family gathering and also Nora's wedding of course. But I didn't have time to transfer it last night. So tired and sleepy after the long day. I didn't even managed to watch till the end of last night's Kyle Xy's episode. Remember..I love to watch Andy J character..hehe.

I was going to bring my laptop and select the pictures to be uploaded today, but I woke up late making me feel terrible if I switch on my laptop on Monday morning especially when I reached the office around 10.30 a.m

Just wait for tomorrow guys. I really want to shop something during this 'Mega Sale' month..But the salary is not yet on my doorstep and my budget has already out yesterday..