Friday 28th Nov

I posted the awareness entry last Friday about the idiot-style parking around friday prayer time. There's bigger thing happened that day actually. Due to Friday prayer, Friday seems to be a bit short in terms of time to be spent with other activity. Not that I'm blaming or whining about the prayer, but any plan needs to comprehend the priority of the prayer.

So, I decided to just hang out with Cembam at Restoran Amer chatting about many things. I picked her up around 11 and dropped her at Warta Bangi after we went to the cobbler to fix Cembam's Sandal. I picked her up right after the prayer and went to have our lunch at Amer's.

Around 4, I drove her back to her apartment and went to fetch Ayman. We were going to our company's flyback that evening. Unfortunately Ayman's car was off-service that evening so we went there together.

Flyback is an event where all the employees of our company gathered around updated with the latest news of what has been going on in our company. THe profits gain, the new structures, new ways of doing things, bonus and increement and the highlight of it - THe company trip.

Eventhough it's gonna be Batu Feringghi this year, unlike last year - PERTH!! It's still ok for me as during this crunch time, the company still manages to organize this trip for us. I know Penang sounds so lame..but for me as long as I went there with all those crazy colleagues of mine, it's as good as going anywhere overseas. But of course going overseas in reality is wayyyyy better. Kekeke.

Then like usual the dinner. Damn nice. I was such a waste looking at all the leftovers which could fill up around 200 stomachs more when the event has finished and many people have already left. I was sooo wanted to tapau those leftovers. But it's a hotel ok..Ahh..remembering it makes my mouth watery...huhu!!

Pergh...mcm cover album rock band...ehehehe

Anyhow, Batu I come!! I really hope I could win the PSP for the lucky draw.