ANother day passed


Another day passed. It's 17th December today. Survive-with-RM200 plan, balance = Rm62. Huhu..I bought maxis topup RM30 yesterday..that's why the budget drained a lot more. I even used cash to fill up my bike. If I were to buy the RM10 one, the expiry date would come earlier than the RM10 spent. Wasting, not smart..I didnt SMS much. Even CEmbam sometimes felt not being loved by me..but she knows me better=]. To sum up, I need a long expiry date.

Rm10 for the share of our colleague's wedding present and RM10 for Anwar's small gift. Not that I purposedly let u guys know I'm doing a favor or etc. Just stating where the budget of my Survive-with-Rm200 plan went. Means, I'm not just using it to buy my meal..Arachii??

I sold one of my adidas shoe to my friend yesterday. I bought it in 2004 I think. I sold to him with the price of RM50. I was just jokingly offering it, but he took it seriously and paid the RM50 straight away. Kiki..Nevermind then. It's gonna be an excuse to buy a new one later. I still have one more shoe though. So, my budget is added up Rm50 more. But I would still try to use only the RM62 budget. Hehehehe!!!

Have U guys planned your leave for the upcoming christmas n New Year?? I'm still waiting for a GO if both of us in our team can take leave at the same time. We liaised a lot with customers from NL, Phillipines, US and Asian. And I could see they are looking forward to the holiday as well. So if they are not working, no tickets, no works coming to me. Therefore, do U think it's reasonable to stay when most of them is having a vacation??Hmm Hmm..

//PS: ada yg kenan nama2 aku letak kat entri lepas..aku culik anak korg jual bila tau korg cilok..ahahaha!!!