It's raining outside..The streets become flashy with the headlights of the cars. The world becomes dark, colder and nosier with the continuous tapping of the raindrops hitting everything.

Just finished with some of my works for today. A lot of tickets coming in since Monday reporting about wrong display of information for some employees from all the countries we support. The pictures from days back remain untouched. I went out last night having dinner with my friend who came to my place to borrow One Piece anime's DVDs. Came back late, came to the office as late as usual. Honestly, I didn't intend to come late to the office..HONESTLY!

Managed to edit some of the pictures taken last Sunday. We went to play paintball that day. It was my first time and also for the rest of the guys coming with us. Just one of us had played before and he was the organizer. Consist of 15 people, we walked towards the place as we weren't patience enough to wait for the tram and convinced by the bluff of one of the tram driver saying that it was just 400m from the entrance...

We arrived at the place a bit late as the organizer itself came late for some reason. But the marshal who supposed to incharge our group is so efficient, our tools are already prepared and just waiting for us finishing our breakfast.

We played 3 rounds with 200 bullets. The first round is 'capture flag' where I was hit so early in the game and didn't manage to fully use my bullets. I was so heroic, charging to the flag without knowing where it was. The next thing I know, the flag was right before my eyes..ahahaha!!! The other team already surrounded the whole area. BAMM!!Headshot..akakaka!! I thought once dead can play again after a while, but the rule wasn't like that.

The 2nd game - defender and attacker. My group was the attacker. We need to kill of the defender hiding in the bunkers around the area. Mind you. It's difficult being the attacker especially some hingusan poor rookie paintballers like us, without strategy, foggy glass and limited bullet. We need to fire randomly to make sure the defender would countershoot revealing their location.

The third round, all of us were in 1 group as attacker while 11 senior paintballers, fully equipped being the defenders. Trust me, if I took a picture with one of them you would easily believe that I was in Iraq. They wore army uniform, camouflage, even one of them wears a cover that looks like bushes!!! Bullet vest with SWAT on it's back..fuuhhh...Our team, we called ourselves PARKING ANTAH, taking the name of the place where the drivers would park their cars here..=p.

I was sent as scout..along with AMer. More like scapegoat or sacrificial lamb..ahaha. Both of us were attacked while most of the others on our tail just laying down to avoid stray bullets. I managed to get so close to the bunker..but the foggy glass was so bad. I couldn't see the targets in front of me so I ended up shooting the marshall...ahahaha!!

The 66th Regimen - the senior paintballers. Armies of their own world

A very great experience..and we thought of making it monthly event...hehe..a bit expensive game, but if you could manage how you use the bullet..should be OK...ehehe!! Looking forward to my next paintball game!!!!