cat didnt die


Rightfully the so called 'Monday Blues' should be subsided. I didn't manage to update my blog yesterday as I was feeling so sleeeepyyy~~ for the whole day. I went to the distress room and sat on the massage chair for half an hour before I went for my prayer...Of course U could consider that as a short brief nap..ekekeke.

Last weekend, nothing bizarre happened. I was supposed to go for the annual team dinner at Subang Jaya. But the invitation didn't reach me so one of my colleague generously gave his ticket to me as he wasn't planning to go. But at the same time, I was thinking of going for my first Aikido grading that evening.

I made a decision to go for the dinner and took the grading next time. But it didn't went well. The saturday afternoon class, my sensei coached me personally for the grading as I didn't get the chance to let him know that I'm not going to take it that evening. But how can I told him on his face when he seriously taught me on perfecting all the moves and techniques. So, I ended up letting go the dinner and went for the grading instead.

Unlike my taekwon-do grading that I've been through about 6-7 times, this one the sensei standing next to you, looking at your feet, your stance, your hands...everything while holding the mark sheet on his hand. OMG, it's terrifying!!! I was so nervous when I did the rolls forward, back and side and I managed to get hold of myself right after that. I just hope I pass the grading. Promoted to the next level??I dont think so..huu~~~

My friend who took his decision not to take the grading the same time as me came and took some photos of it. The photos are still with him..I'll upload it later if I have time. So, there goes my Saturday!!!