My workstation

It's Tuesday, the monday blues supposed to be over guys!!! Start moving up your ass and settle all the workloads on your desk, get the free drinks and chat with ur friends..!! Nyehehehe!!

Ok, I was tagged by Mak Su last week. But due to pictures unavailability, I couldn't do it last week. The laptop remained in my backpack the whole week. But last night, I was just staying home without any class or appointments. Therefore here is the tag..

The rules of the tag;
1) Snapshot ur workstation
2) then... taruk link blog anda kat bawah gambar work station anda...
3) iaitu bersebelahan dengan link-link blog yang ada..
4) tengok contoh yang dibuat nih...
5) begitulah seterusnya sampai bila-bila, ok...
6) sekiranya tag ini berkembang... pasti akan ada banyak link-link di bawahnya...
7) kalau tak... terencat la dia... ha ha ha...lastly...
8) tolong pass tag ini pada tujuh (7) blogger lain...pass la pada siapa-siapa..

Well, I don't really understand the rules though. Hence, I'm just gonna do it Mak Su's style. Your workstation pictures..ur picture. That should be about it.

Ok, Here is my left side of the workstation. I put some of the pictures I took and I like most. Landscapes, actions, family and kids' gorgeous faces. These pidtures at least would make me feel ease and one of the reason I would stare out of my monitor screen. That's my precious Microsoft keyboard and Altec Lansing headphone, a gift from Elyani..

This is the right side of my workstation. I have 3 kids. There they are. Growing up and experiencing the terror of the world..=p. 2 of them are money plant. The other one..I'm not sure what type it is. The one is growing really nice. I am hoping it would crawl out more. Ah, there's the cup I've collected from the vending machine. But now the machine do not provide it anymore. We need to use the provided glasses to take the drinks. So no more paper cup collection.

Aaahhh...and the last picture. This is me during the pictures were taken...Ehhhehehe..I was going along the day with this hairstyle...nyehehe..Reminds me of my old days during primary school.Kekeke!! A very sememeh baru bangun tido looks..ehehe sister managed to get Mumtaz for her Sijil Rendah Agama..Means 5A and Mumtaz..Wooowww..I really should give her something. Maybe RM100 that she asked is appropriate..ekeke..