LIzawati Munaman's moment

Last saturday, Lizawati's wedding. One of my bestfriend.

When I first met her during the seconday school years, I thought she looks like Sherie Merlis. Hehehe. Do U guys even know who she is?? AHahaha!! NVM la if you don't know her. She's just one of the actress who is slowly being forgotten. Every celebrities would ended up like her eventually. Except the one with great achievement. Hehehe..But still if they die, so many people would know and recite fatihah to them.

Fancy to become celebrity now??Still not too late..ehehehe

Ok, back to the wedding. Held in Sekinchan..simple and relaxing. The house wasn't as crowded as any other wedding that I've attended so far. I was the only guy in the bridal room..ahahaha!! I decided not to go out when the air conditioner cooling me off.

No more text. Let's see the pictures. More about the wedding and the pictures here

May Allah blessed them with great children, obeying ones. And I wish they will live their live happily till their last breath.

Unlike the celebrities' marriage, I hope they wouldn't end up divorced. Hmmm..what's with the celebrities' marriage now huh?? Tu la..they were looking for popular guys, rich..then the wealth finds a new madu for them. Divorced.

Try looking for love from the normal guys like us. Who loves with all of our heart. No lies and hypocritism..ehehe!!! They would be happy till death..ahahaha!!!