LInking links entry..=p

A long lost story - 25th October 2008, my housemate - Shafiz Ishak has tied an everlasting vow with his wife Zurainah at Putrajaya mosques witnessed by group of eyes from their relatives and also some of his housemates, Pagoh, Pegi, Korn n Tabu.

More story about the akad nikah is here. I just wish and keep on wishing that my day would come asap..ehehe..I'm so want to have my own baby..ekekeke!!

30th October 2008 - Another dinner for OneHealthIT team has been held at the Hilton in SUDU. Unlike the other buffet like all those dinners that we had, this time we ordered our own main dish for the night and the buffet on top of that...Hmm..interesting right?? So before the main dished came, I've already ate like 7-8 fresh prawns, some clams, barbequed beef grill, cut fruits and lot more..ehehe.

My main course was 80 days bla bla Australian beef served with barbequed sauce which costs RM120. OMG, like hell I would eat there on my own..ekekke..The rest of the story can be found here.

Like usual, if U just want to browse the pictures..U can go to my flickr.

Hehehe..a bit late update of what had happened around me. There's another wedding of my friend that I went weeks ago, but I guess I'll update it later. Hehehe...