Belakang umah ku tidak lagi

I didn't really published much lately did I? I didn't have any topics to be shared as nothing much happened lately. The weekend seems to be getting boring and more boring every week. I didn't even go to the dojo last weekend. So my time was spent just in the house and on the court for an hour on the evening.

I managed to finish my colleague's sister's album for her convo during the weekend though. So it wasn't as meaningless as it seems to be..=].

I was watching movie in my laptop while preparing this entry. 2 of my housemates were upstairs doing their own things, another 2 went to Jusco and another were out hanging out with their girlfriends. So here I am laying on my chest with the laptop.

The key to our back door's grill was missing for weeks now. Our only concern was the backyard. The kangkung seems to be getting wilder and berserking through the fence and scavenging the neigbour's backyard hungrily for water and new space.

Rasul, the main gardener that day

See how bushy our backyard was..ehehe

We found the key this morning and manage to open the sesame door...Foaahh!! It was like a big bushes..ahaha..So Rasul, manap and I started pulling the wild grass out from the ground. Rasul was using the hoe for the bigger one. Then we just left the pile of the grass by the drain to dry and later we'll put them in the big black plastic for disposal.

Manap. Almost finished

Look at the huge root!! NO wonder subur sangat

bye bye..waiting for their turn