Wan Hayati 'period'

Uuu..I think I have a nice ass. This picture is not related at all to period..ahahaha!!

As everyone has already known, especially my friends either real life friends or blogger friends that I have Aeroback WIRA car called Wan Hayati...yeahh..Unfortunately it's already 'the time' now..I can't use her for a while now till her 'period' is off. Ikikikii!! New insurance and road tax =].

I went to CIMB KL during lunch after getting an advice from the bank officer who answered my call yesterday at Alor Setar. FYI, last year, I renewed my insurance just via phone, someone from CIMB Alor Setar branch took care of it. I just banked in the money and the next day the new road tax is delivered to my doorstep.

But the officer who was answering my phone this time said it cannot be done like that anymore. So there I went but just disappointed when there's no record of my insurance policy in their database. A waste of time. Luckily I went there to print some of my Raya photos (the one in the previous entry) at Pertama. So, the broken wasting time is a bit cheered up by browsing through the printed photos.

So, guys!!! If you want to have the printed pictures let me know via sms, phone call or just comment here alright. I'll print it for you and you can pay to me later when we meet..

Are you guys still in the Raya mood??hehe..I still am. It seems the rainy season is back in town yah? Anyway, my ex-classmates and I are going to visit our long lost-contact homeroom teacher this Sunday at Seremban and maybe go for the beach after that??anyone fancy some oceanic waveeee???
P/S : adakah kamu2 dpt view background blog aku ni?senangkah nak baca entri??menyakitkan mata kah tidak kah??kat komp opis aku background putih je..help2..reply back to me