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>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today seems pretty relaxing I could say. I managed to upload a patch of pictures into my flickr. Wonder whether people across the globe would recognize it and added me as their contacts. Well, it ain't really as bitchy as it sounds. In our real life, we ought to be recognized by our peers, our boss, our friends, or even our partner..it's nature.

Owkh..I promise U guys pictures of my ex-homeroom teacher's daughter did I? So, here are they. Auni Nur Zahirah..the blessing after years of waiting for my teacher. We are so happy for her..chubby cheek. I finally managed to land kisses on it when we were going to leave her home..MMuaaahhh...yearghh!!

May they are blessed with more of them after this. We always pray for U cikgu!!!

Haa..come!! Tai Chi with me..ehehehe..just follow her slowly..yess..there..Smooth. One, two,up..bend your hand..yesss..like that. I took this when I was bored waiting for my friend setting deal for printing price with one of the printing shop at Plaza Pudu. It's like another chinatown there. I coldn't find any malay or mamak restaurant to quench my thirst with ice tea..


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