Rainy..splashhh!!! Damn!!

Just had my lunch with other colleagues. The topis is always changing everyday during the meal. Women, sports, business, Art, Aikido, management, Organizational politics and lots more. Sitting with people with various kind of experiences and skills makes me feel so smaaaalll..So meaningless to the world like a sponge deep in the dark ocean...Even spongebob got Patrick as his pal..=p

I'm listening to Nancy Ajram in youtube. I know about her song from my brother during Raya. Kinda catchy and just the right time if you are looking for some twist in your daily music. It's arabic..modern arabic music.

I soaked wet yesterday. Kicked off from the office at 6.15p.m as the weather seems a bit better with the slow drizzling. Unfortunately heavier rains awaited outside. I laughed and sang loudly along the road. About 1.5km before I reached my house, Benaffey (my bike) failed me..she started coughing and went dead!! Arghhh!!
"Come on Benaffey!! We almost there!! How could you do this to me...come on!! Come On!! (while keep on pressing the ignition button with failures)"
So I had to push her going uphill. Of course U need to push your bike along the roadside so I wont get hit by any cars coming from behind. It was dark, blurry, slippery..anything could happen. Then when U pushed and pushed, the cars overtaked U while splashing the water..Buuuusssshhh!!! Yeah a shower from ur side...

How could U Benaffey...U died on me!!!!

Weekend is coming..but my car road tax is not yet arrived on my desk or doorstep...Limaza limaza?? Kaifa uridu an azhabu ilan nahrul jamilah????Kaifa kaifa?? I'll wait till tomorrow la..I think they posted it using post ekspres..the so called 'post express'..damn!! They should use courier service instead like the previous agent did..

Huu..let's run to the beachhhh!!!!