Hari Raya is in the air

Finally..the day everyone or at least most of us have been waiting has finally came. Eventhough some rumour sadi that Tuesday might be the day of eid, the calendar always been the reliable source. Today, Wednesday..we celebrated again our Eid with joy hopefully and with our families. Pray for a while for all our brotherhood who doesn't have the chance to celebrate it with a happy face where the air filled with murders, bombs and flying bullets, to those who have already passed away, to those who obligated to work and couldn't be with their loved one and the rest of unlucky families...

Well, today..first raya..It's kinda different coz it seems to be a lot more relaxing than the previous first raya. I would nag more about it next entry because I have some pictures and of course with stories of the last day of Ramadhan...=]

The last preparations were made during the last day of ramadhan. But again, unlike the previous years, the preparations seems to be a lot more relaxing. Maybe, a lot of errands have been completed days before. SO I had my time to wash my car, and the customer kept coming in, my dad's motorcycle, the my mom's...I think around 2 hours I've spent for washing them..

My dad and my brother were busy with the lawn..the front and the backyard...They cut clean all the messy unwanted grasses and the wild bushes

Then I helped with cutting the ingredients to cook. We bought 10 chickens for this year..The ketupat have already been waved the day before. So it was boiled first thing in the morning. During afternoon, the entire clan were getting rest taking a nice nap.

Approaching our last fast-break dad suggested to go to the bazaar and treated us with anything we want as the privilege of the last ramadhan..haha..funny coz the food for the next eid day is more than watering our mouths. But we went to the bazaar and bought some different drinks...there goes our last Fast-break..