Daily gigling

Ana Yallib Umri...wahdi Ana..cewah!!! NI lagu Nancy Ajram la ni..

I just got my new road tax. It sucks!!! I couldn't attend some events for the past days waiting for it. I better asked KL Alor Setar to send the document to KL branch for easier arrangement next year. The runner called me that Alor Setar branch sent it to Taman Mutiara branch..Whadda heck. But the thing I like most is that they really take responsibility on it. They called me even to confirm if I have received it..Great service U could say, just the delivery a bit messed up.

Due to the rainy season these days, sometimes I really need to use WanHayati. But the other day, the road I always use seems to be scheduled for police road-block routine. Enough with my speed trap fine, I don't wanna add a new fine for expired road-tax. My Benaffey will definitely died on me whenever her spark plug get in contact with water...bap bap bap...dead!! I couldn't avoid the big pool of water on the road everytime I saw one..well that's if I saw it..

I'm planning to buy a new bike..sshhh.don't let Benaffey knows about this. SHe would sulk and refuse move..=p. But of course the financial flow would be disrupted big time. Gonna do something about it..Money doesn't come just like that on your lap. Even if you read this doa given by Dr. Ismail Kamus, you still need to pour your effort.

Allahummar zuqna rizqon halaalan bighairi ta'abin wa la masobin
(O Allah, bless me with your RIZQ without any hassle or doing anything)

Owkh..it's raining again outside. I thought of leaving the office before the rains goes berserk...I guess it can't be helped. Today, again I bet my journey on Benaffey...