Blank screen!!

Free lunch today. Deeparaya celebration despite of the fact that there's only a day left for Hari Raya..It was held at our reception area a.k.a lobby and the food are damn niceeee..I like the teh tarik so I filled my tumbler with it..ehehe.

I didn't bring my camera to capture those moments coz I am bringing my laptop with me. It's kinda messy bringing my laptop bag and at the same time my camera bag. Guess I just need a backpack for camera and laptop..2 in 1. But it will cost me like 200++. Huhu...

I'm waiting for the technician from DELL. Remember I told U that my screen went blank for more than a week now. I connect my laptop directly to my housemate's old monitor so I can still use it everytime I'm at home. I called my IT admin yesterday and he advised me to call DELL support directly because the laptop has onsite warranty. I did and the techician called me this morning saying he would drop by around 2p.m. It's 2.14p.m and I still waiting..

I have pictures from last weekend. But I can't upload it yet because due to my blank screen. The old monitor displayed a vintage colour so I can't really tell whether the picture is nice or not before I upload it. Need to wait till my screen got fixed.



The technician has just left. He changed my screen to a new one, but the problem remains the same. We connected the laptop to external monitor, and it's ON like normal..Huu..problem still not fixed. Another appointment will be made tomorrow.