Bara'an with my precious friends

Apart of some of my friends have been bonded with ultimate agreement of partnership with their wives or husbands, the baraan still goes on. Even with just one newly-wed couple joining us, it's more than enough. If last year, the baraan consisted of 4 cars, this year there were 6 cars..ahaha!! There are some factors making it more convenience with 6 cars. Car-pooled here and there, we visited our houses till night.

Breakfast - Nora's house

Maslizawati's house

This time the bara'an geng is joined by Fariz and his wife Hawa, Nora (Dec 08), Mas, Hajar, LIzawati (Nov 08), Iza, Fizah, Ajak (Oct 08), Irmantaha (Dec 08), Omar, Yahya and I.

**the date indicates when they're gonna get married**

So, you can tell how many of us left next year..huu..So we savor the moments we have, we laughed, we reminisced the past, we even went to our once place we get to know each other, gain knowledge and created our lifestory - Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ungku Aziz. It has been 8 years since we last step on it's soil. It doesn't look so much different.

Hajar's house

Just missing Irman and I

My house

Within that very limited time, we took some pictures, did our stuffs and went back to the next house. We visited one of our former schoolmate who is already married and blessed with a son. She joined us last year or last 2 years while she was pregnant. We also visited another friend of us, Panca who couldn't join us that day. Remember the red bride yg dibopong bersanding??hehhee..

Fiza's house. Her mom is the one who encouraged us to go on with our tradition

Yahya's sister's house coz it's open house so we went here instead yahya's house

Irman's house

Omar's house

Our school - SMK Ungku Aziz..where the friendship begins

It was really fun!!! ANd hopefully we could go for our bara'an tradition next year as well. Fizah's mom quoted "harapnya terus la raya ramai2 macam ni ye".'s not only us who really enjoyed this tradition. For me, it has been 12 years doing this tradition with my friends..snob snob.

Ajak's house - most left.

Panca's house

Fareha's house - "nape masuk sudu tu..nnt gigi tak cantik tumbuh mcm gigi abang"

Hawa's house. Her mom laughed so hard that night

Last but not least - Lizawati's house

See you guys again next year...salam!!!Thanks to Nora and her mom oh..also Iza for helping them to prepare nasi lemak for our breakfast as Nora's house is the rally point..hehe!!Thanks to Leez as well for the lunch as gather point for the convoy to KL expedition!!