303 - A pic a day with a planning to be made

It's raining outside..for another day..

Don't you realize, it seems like the raining season is way different this last 2 years. It's not like the previous years back when we can say around November to December is Musim Tengkujuh (raining season). But for the past 2 years, it's like every month is raining season..It's unpredictable isn't it? It's a gift or not, it depends on whether it's gonna cause any natural disaster or not..and how we accept it.

Another 15cent per litre price-off for petrol. Well, it's not really happy news that would be accepted gleefully by Malaysian anymore. The prices of other things remain the same. The new more expensive price of nasi lemak sold at the junction near my area remains the same. I think the houses for sold are also remain the same new price. huhhhh...

This weekend U guys got plan? I plan to swim or play tennis. But swimming would be the best choice. Need to recce suitable free of charge court to play tennis. Unlike badminton, we don't have to buy new shuttle everytime. It's not that one shuttle would be enough every session. So tennis seems more fun, new thing and cost-saving especially during this inflation era..kiki

Going to the beach again might be nice though. Waterfall??anyone?!! Hehehe!!! The last time I went to Gabai after the rain seems to be so exhilaratingly FUN!!!Hmm hmm..let me think more for the plan..hehehe!!

Owkh, tonight and tomorrow night, they said Sunway Piramid ground floor next to Italianese is having a cosplay event. Waauuu..might join it if I have time. Or maybe my Aikido class is better choice to spend the night??