301 - Our beloved homeroom teacher

Monday seems a bit busier than usual this time. All the tickets are awaiting to be entertained and carefully analyzed so it could be closed for another tickets that would be coming in in no time. I tried to get a slip minutes for my entry but it seems so difficult today. But at last, I managed to when it was already 4.45p.m.

I thought I want to upload numbers of pictures today as I went for Open House a.k.a Outing yesterday for some nice photography session by the beach. I think this is the first time Omar and I went for photo shoot outside after I bought my Dieypu months ago.

Accompanied with 2 of our girl-friends, we went to the beach after hours at Cikgu Wreyana's house, our homeroom teacher when we were at the 4th and 5th form during our high school days. After we finished our SPM, she also transferred to Senawang. And this is the first time we went to her house..and finally met her first daughter. We were so happy when we knew about her pregnancy news. But we just knew yesterday that apart of Auni Zahirah, her first daughter, there were 4 other misscarriages.

But we feel so happy for her...now they are blessed with Zahirah. A very shy girl..malu tapi mahu..When we were about to go home only she started smiling..cit!! Hehe..I'll upload the picture of their precious Zahirah later. You guys can enjoy these sillhoute shots first..hehe..


Flying kick from a static point...

Star jump!!

Catch me baby...

Ini bukan cinta luar tabii ye...tapi Kasih sebuah persahabatan....=]

MOre of them in my flickr..