3 hours more..than hooray!!

UUUuu...I wear my Baju Raya today..heehe. The purple Baju Melayu seems to attract others..wahaahaha!! Perasan sendiri. It attracts people coz I always wear jeans and round collar t-shirt, that's the only reason. Well, I thought, rather than keeping my baju melayu to be wore just during special ocassion, why not just wear it whenever I like. So for the next raya, I can feel that my baju melayu is already worn down and time to get a new one. The reason why I changed my baju melayu like 3 years once is because they are still in perfect condition due to seldom..no, rarely use of them..Now U get the idea??

It's my housemate's akad nikah tomorrow at Putrajaya mosque around 11 a.m. He asked me a favour to frame the moments. I think I'm going there after our first recce for our tennis session at UPM. I can use my Alumni card or evem my matrix card to play there for free. But my other friends are not UPMians. SO, we gonna try first early morning tomorrow and see how it goes, take action from the outcome..

Monday is Deepavali. Everyone is OFF??!!! I am thinking and already planned to go to Ulu Yam with my colleagues, housemates, schoolmates and even bloggers. Do you guys wanna come. I've already texted Masy..We will be gathering at Petronas Petrol pump, the one you would see right after the junction from MRR2 around Batu Cave's giant Berhala...9a.m-9.30a.m. Kindly notify me if something makes U not able to show up on time.

Here my number : 0172192349. Come!! Join Us!! No problem if U dont want to get wet. There will be no throwing-into-the-stream session. The more the merrier. So Masy, if you can make it, bring my mug ah..text me too.