That Saturday

I'm reading chedet right now..this entry might be published a bit..later..hehe..I'm not a loyal follower of this blog..but today I felt want to read it.


Ok..just finished reading some of the newest entries. Funny thing I found about it are..1) There are lots of readers and lots of comments. But like Tun said, they don't put their real, it's not really a great supports towards him. Tun needs supports, that's what he said in one of his entry..but still at the same entries..where the comments are all praising Tun, the commenter still using irony..

2)From these thousands of people who now so called support Tun..I can bet part of them are the people who were condemning him when Tun was the prime minister of Malaysia. Do you guys think about this??I do think quite numbers of them booed Tun when he was the government..but now because Tun is directly opposing our government, so many people is taking their side with Tun even the one who condemned him before. From what I's just human nature that loves to rebel. When someone rebels against someone, we join them..we don't even surely know the motive and what were to be achieved.How you guys even 'see' that?? more political nag

Federal Mosque after the raining ceased

Last Saturday when the rains poured down non-stop till the evening, Ayman and I went to pay a visit to our colleague, the new mom whom I mentioned in my previous entry. I was going to give Zaffar my present and Ayman was going to give the present from the project team.

A bit loss but still managed to arrived there. We chatted for..I don't know..but an hour at least. I quickly asked Marlena to let me hold the baby right after I sat on the sofa..hehehe!!! zaffar managed to poo while I'm holding it and gave me a bit of his white puke as souvenir..ehehe!!I'm so want onee!!!!

We leaved the house around 2 o'clock and went to M4nggis printing shop to take care of my 2 albums that need to be delivered to my friend at least the next week. It's felt so far when the journey was accompanied with the drizzling rain, a scratch on the car when a motorbike loss it's balance and the tip of his...I don't know..err..fake flower???scratching a deep small line on AYman's car.

To repay Ayman's kindness,I fetched him on Monday to the office and drove him back to his house...kita kawan's just a simple courtesy..hehehe..I forgot to bring my picture holding Zaffar. So, just put here their parents and some pictures of federal mosque to whom never know it's existence..It's a big mosque, I can't fit the whole structure into my lense..
P/s: aku nmpk byk sgt org yg selamba isap rokok naik motor..yg pompuan pn ada..siap bangga hembus kasi org nmpk..buat malu islam tol la..kalau la aku berdarah panas..aku sepak je diorg sume ni