Slight Problem

I was planning to try some other blog template with a purpose of changing my theme/design/layout, whatever U call it. It's been more than a year since I use this design. Ufortunately, it went I tried to load back my original template that I've backed up before messing with the template. However,I got error message and my page went white with some lines of programming which I hardly understand.

I tried looking up for solution by clicking the link about the error and found out how to deal with it. Yup, I managed to get back to this very old template. However, my favourite links were wiped out!! I tried tracking it back from the HTML coding but it was just a failure.

Therefore, U can see there the links that I managed to trackback from Masy's blog. I remembered masy's kotakhujan address and I retreived some others from hers. I am so sorry if your links are not there anymore. Kindly leave a comment with your address yah. I'll put it back there again.

Owkh, I think I need to help my mom with cooking up the dishes for our fast-break together. Everyone is here except my 2nd sister. She's on her way back from Shah Alam with Fikri. The fast-break would be a blast with everyone already home!!

Owkh..I'll try design a new backgorund tonight. I am so afraid to use a totally new theme coz I'm afraid I would lost so many precious things from my blog.