Safely arrived home~~~

SHELL OneHealth Team Dinner was held on last Thursday night at Hotel Nikko KL. Eventhough it was just like usual - not the entire team were there, but it still so fun!! The theme seems like U were invited to a wedding dinner or something a big hall and the foods were arranged at the sides of the hall.

Us. Remember the guy at the middle?

Dont worry Cembam..not my scandal..hehe

It was so much fun with all these guys because we usually separated by the cubicle. This is the only time we could laugh,chat and share our story of interests to others. I've already published an entry on this with other pictures around the event here

I'm home now!! I drove from KL last night like heaven.I was worried of the jam and might stuck there for hours, but luckily wasn't like KL at all last night. The cars were the least I could see for all the years I've used KL roads..SERIOUS!! So lengang!! Everytime I reached the toll, I would be the first car...evertime I reached traffc light, it would turn green or already green. I really think last night was lailatul qadar night. But pity, arriving home, I am already exhausted and went to sleep straight away..I drove 80km/h coz I didn't want a new ticket for speeding.

OK, gonna go for my subuh prayer..not sure who would still read my entry as many of U have already taken leave without internet connection..see ya next entry or next time perhaps guy!!