Nagging alone

I thought so..aahahaha!! There are so few people getting online when raya is approaching so close. So many things need to be done..the preparation is entering the climax right now. I am just lucky because my sister, a teacher subscribed streamyx last year for her work so I am able to enjoy the pleasure of surfing during holiday..

So I am well know that around 5-6 entries which I would be posting at least till 6th Hari Raya would not be read by anyone..ahaha!! It is more like self nagging..nevermind then. My purpose of blogging is to improve my english. For them to be read by others, it is a bonus for me..and making friends out of it is such a blessing..=]

Well..this is my blog for now. I am using the default blogger template and just changed the background and the header. I was trying so hard to make the header fit nicely at the top of the green rectangle of the main just the same size and position like the Flickr widget. But I failed to do so and it seems other than white, it became so hideous putting a header no matter how nice U try it. SO, for now I make my header disappeared to make my blog tidier.

The background I use is the picture I took this morning..I'll try to change it more frequent than a year without change..hehe!!!

Alright..tomorrow I have to push the palms on the wheelbarrow. Gonna cost me all my energy and deflated body after that..Huuuu!!! Till then..Jaa Neeeee