Goodbye admin access!!!!

It looks just fine when I ask her to connect me to the internet...The system in herself popping up message saying update is ready to be installed. SO I just click yes to update her windows and fell asleep. My mom woke me up and half asleep I shut her down. There was an option to install the remaining updates and shut down after it finished. SO I selected that option. But unfortunately, I accidentally turned off the power to her heart and without her battery, of course she would be just suddenly get into her sleeping state. The update installation was thwarted.

THe next day, when I woke her up, turned her on (auuu..sounds a bit kinky)..I couldnt get into her windows..the screen remain blue..light blue, windows style to be exact. I restarted her few times, the screen remained blue.

I asked my friend his Ori Win XP Pro CD for dell laptop as he is using the same model as mine. I tried to repair her windows, but the result is just the same...owwwww!!! All my movies, pictures, artworks are inside there!! Huwaaaaa!!! These might be able to recover if I ask my las resort - our IT admin. BUt the worst part..I'm not gonna get my admin access. Means, no more software more..nadaa..nehi!!

So how am I gonna edit my pictures???Or should I think about whether there would be any pictures left inside her?? THings happened. Shit happened!! It's gonna be a while till my entry has pictures again...=[