Fast-Break with Chronies of Splitters

Thursday - 4th Ramadhan.

Semah, my ex-CSRmate from Stre4myx texted me and the rest of the circle to notify us that there will be a small fast-break session among all of us at Vads foodcourt. I still remember they always fast-break together back then. Put our status as PRB (Paid Rest Break) for almost an hour (although the team leaders asked us not to do so) and had our break together. But most of us splitters, the fast-break was part of our 4-hour split break. NO PRB affected=p.

I joined them once in a while as I was having my fast-break almost everyday at TTDI mosque when I was still a splitters. Fast-break at TTDI mosque is like U go for a wedding event where U are seated properly. The dishes were served on the table. All you need to do is just nice huh??

This time, the fast-break sessio was joined by all those faces plus Fizi, and Syam's fiancee who are not in the pictures coz they arrived when the azan was in the air, so I got busy with my meal..hehe..Syam's fiancee cooked black pepper chicken which is so niceee..delicious..nyum nyum!! How lucky Syam is!!! Owkh..The star dots means the connection of husband and wife ok..Means there are 2 married couple with us. Yes..Both are splitters couple.

It was such a nice evening. Unfortunately my best buddy - Hadi wasn't able to join us. Rain he said..huhu..Nevermind, we'll meet next time anywhere anyplace..hehe.

Ahh..the albums have just been printed. I took them from the printing shop yesterday..I had to wait for 1 hour as they were still arranging the printed pictures on the custom album..Huuu..I went to there with my housemates. We shopped a bit after that..I bought my maintaing-the-weight package..ehehe!! Peanut butter + Sandwich bread + Nestum (oat with honey) + Milo. Finally, I have something for sahur..NOw the only problem is, will I get up for sahur..uhuhuhu!!

Ok everyone..share with me your stories of the weekend. This is just my Thursday. The Friday, Saturday and Sunday still coming up!!