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HUp!! Another 8 days to go..Yaa..I know, some might says I should be sad when Ramadhan is going to part way with us. But honestly I'm not in that kind of level yet..Just a normal human being trying to achieve this kind of taqwa insyaAllah...If fasting during ramadhan is not in the 5 pillars of Islam, I might never fast in my whole life..=p. But honestly everyone is looking forward to Aidulfitr rightttt??? See..Masy admitted, I know U are nodding Masy coz U are looking for ur baju raya..ahahaha!!!

Friday night, while I was trying to perform Terawih, some of my housemates were going to the downtown. I couldn't come along if wanted to coz my friend's car cannot support more than 3 passengers as his car is too lowerd..

But during my terawih alone..I kinda flashed with the idea of going to the downtown along the prayer. Hopefully my prayer is accepted by HIM. SO right after terawih I asked my other housemate if he wanted to tag along. So there we went..

SO pack of people. We need to parked far from the actual place. Just 15 meters walking, I ve already bought 2 t-shirt. My last t-shirt I bought was when I worked at 2 years ago. So, this is the main reason I was looking for a new one...huhu. I bought an orange collar shirt with white stripes and a soft blue also with white stripes..hehe..Then I bought another 2 t-shirt banana-frog-green (ijau katak pisang) with Armani Exchange on front and a blue one which I dont really remember what written on it..Hence, 4 t-shirts for RM65. Ok lorrr..

No more shopping for raya after this =p. Masy..good luck for you and your baju raya!!!

I'll start my raya leave on Raya's gonna be complete loneliness when all my housemates already at home preparing for Raya while I'm still working. No option. One of us in my team needs to be working. SO my team lead is going for the first week and I'm for the 2nd week..huhu..Fortunately 2 of my best friends share the same we gonna be convoying together that night..more like stuck in the jam together..huhu..

sian my mom. The preparation won't be as fun as it used to because I'm not there..hehehe!!!
Hehehe..update awarded by Mak SU...numbers of awards. Don't know la if i really fit the long as there's some pictures for the entry..nyiahaha!! Thanks mak SU. The awards are ;

Yaa..during Ramadhan I realize I posted more entries

I'm not so sure about this one. The traffic here is not that jammed anyway. But if it's best in the eye of Mak SU..I appreciate it..=]

Brilliant??OMA...thanks..I'm brilliant!!yeaaaa

Owkh..u are??thankssssss

Huhu..gila best??pergh gila aku..aku gilaaaa

Waaa..thanks..the background tu has been year++. I was thinking of changing it..later