Beware!!Lots of picturesssssss


i've been feeling sick for a week now. Right after my last day of my a-week-leave till now. After years of not having flu..I got it now. It's kinda hard to recuperated when most of your housemates are having the same fever as well. The virus keep spreading in the air..huhu

As I have more time now.. can start blogging bout all the keep-on-hold pictures shall we start with these..;


18th August - It was a rainy day. The rain had just stopped while most of the family members were awoke from the morning sleep by my mom's screaming. Abah was getting ready to continue installing all the stone pillars for the garage. But the drizzling rains still tip tapping on the zink roof letting our moorale down for any heavy works.

Mom before her puking and dizzy head..ahaha

My sis suggested for an outing later in evening. That was when I proposed to just going for family outing rigt there right now as the rain will just making us dont wanna work..Abah agreed so we started googling the nearest waterfal and KUala Woh was the nearest one from our place.

Some of the family

Nurul and our future additional family- Fikri

Kak Wa and Abg Seman. Pray for thier 'merging' yah..

Naughty Mom

Off we go while the rain still drizzling it's way along the journey. It stopped when we just arrived at the place. But the unplanned outing seems to be getting gloomy and gloomier. When we saw the river, it's more like a river used for extreme canoeing rather than for families dipping their bodies and having fun. The water level is so high and the currence was deadly fast and yaa..furioussss

When my family starts their crazy stuffs

Funtastic Four

We then had our lunch when the stall owner said it wont be time for waterfall session for 2 days at least. He said the damn was opened for the rain. Lata Kijang, Lata Iskandar, all the waterfall would be a deadly place to even dipping your legs..

Men of the family jumping with mom as the cheerleader!!

Family post..the men of honour..ehehe

So we just enjoying the sceneries and having fun posing and doing actions, jumping at someplace near the museum. I took my family member's pictures getting wild..aahhahaha!!Even my mom joined them hopping dad..hahaha!! He's the first one to jump. It was really fun!!

Mom's pose!!

The three stooges

Sengal Duo

Yearghh..actually there's supposed to be Abg Osman as well, but my sis failed to shot us both and Osman couldn't try again as the first attempt caused him to roll and injured him..ehehe..

We crossed the hanging bridge again when we walked towards our car. We decided to go for the beach to compensate the unlucky outing plan. My mom tried to shake the hanging bridge, laughing while making the rest of them failed!! It was later mom started getting dizzy..a very great dizziness, she puked and needed to be assisted to walk towards the surau..aahahahahaha!! Pedajai yg terdajaiiii..

After 25 years of marriage, dad can still lift mom.

Then it's mom's turn..ehehehe!! I still remember mom pulled a branch of tree to get me guava but causing the tree totally collapsed!!

My ATMA brother lifted both of them making me jealous..ehehe!!

Then along the road, mom was so 'mabuk'. we reached at Telok batik around 6p.m. The plan was to bowl at Setiawan, but the condition making it better for the 2nd option - BEACHING!!!!!

Perfect family but excluding me and my 2nd sister..huhuhu!!!

Check out the current..!!! It's fit for extreme sport only..You just wish a suicide deeping ur body here..huhu!!

Apart of my mom 'mabuk'..this is when my dad 'mabuk'. Everyone went "Whose daddy is thisss???!!"

Here comes tomoi-style aerobic instructorrr...=p

We stopped at our grandma's house and had a short nice chat with grandma and grandpa..ahh..with a nice sweet pineaple...ehehehe!!!! The outing was ended by having dinner at a seafood restaurant...haaaahhh..nice time with family!!!

My grandma..mmmuaaahhh

My grandpa who hardly remember our name. I said 'it's simple grandpa, the one with the sharp nose is Hasnul'..ahahah!!!

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