Adorables and innocents - 2nd edition ft. Raya leave changing plan

I have a strange plan of my Raya leave. It happened that after I asked my team leader yesterday, he is going to hae the 2nd week for him. Means, the previous thought of going back to hometown during the Raya eve is not anymore valid as my leae start this weekend. My mom will be as happy as she was previous rayas preparing for it with my company..hehe=].

A bit difficult for my plan to terengganu because the original plan and still the plan is to kick off after my sis finished her shift at 7E at 11 pm thursday night. But for Friday, I can't apply for leave coz my team lead is still on leave that 2nd week of raya. I need to online from anywere there to make sure my status is online, send couple of messages proving that I was working from some place out there.

A bit unpleasant obstacle to be taken care of yet manageable to make sure the initial plan of going to ganu is still a GO.

These are some other kids potraitures taken mostly from Emma's wedding. My Nieyl has been cleaned last weekend and keep dried in the box. NO shooting for the last days means no new pictures.

I've been watching some movies I've downloaded recently and copied way long before. I spent most of the weekend home watching them. The Illusionist, Big Stan, Signal, Prince Caspian, The Hulk, Teacher Crime and others. Some of them are unknown films produced by some unknown producers. If they bored me, I just skipped it and deleted it.

Another album just being sent to be printed yesterday for my colleague's sister's engagement day. They gave me their pictures and I just editted them and form it into some kind of storyboard in a small custom album.