Adorables and innocents - 1st edition

As for my deep interest and love towards kids and babies...ehehe..I decided to publish entries about them with the same title..hehe..It's gonna be a lot of editions coming..But I'm not sure the faces would be different or not..ahaha!! Maybe same faces but with different pose or age, who long as they are cute..I'm gonna publish it hereee!!!Hehehe!!

Those 2 above are pictures of Ayra...My ex-team leader's daughter. Those were taken at Emma's wedding while Zarina was holding her. I hope I could spend more time with her or at least holding her, but I was busy with the camera at that time..Maybe later I could have a chance to hold her..hehe

This cute little girl really knows how to smile in front of the camera and pose. Maybe she's the next malaysian model..Don't mind la part time or full time..hehe. Unfortunately I forgot her name =[. I did ask her name that day...But I totally forgot. It's almost a month..But I really love adorable..mmuuaahhh!!!

It's her with the other flower girls for Emma's wedding. Of course she looks the most gorgeous among them see???ehehe..MMuaahhh..

I hope Allah will bless me with adorable kids as well. The one which lift off all my problem whenever I spend time with them...Aaaamiiiinnnn