2nd day raya preparation

It's the night of 29th Ramadhan..2 days more to go. Tomorrow is going to be hectic I think. We were planning to do the ultimate preparation tomorrow. Ketupat waving, final shopping, chopping up the chicken...cooking and everything. My mom's brother and sister from Pahang banked in some money so we could buy something to cook so they don't have to bother about bringing some dishes way from Pahang to our grandparents' house.
Clever....the one doing all the chores and facing all those onions, chillies, herbs, oil, fire and sweat is going to be our family..Hmmm..We kinda have no choice, so we'll do it with sincere heart for our grands..=p

This morning my dad, my brother and I went to our palm orchard harvesting the palms. Wuu..been years since I last pushed those palms inside the wheelbarrow. The palm is getting bigger and heavier. Plus the fasting, it really is a heavy work. I pushed it slowly and stopped numerous time before I reached the big road where all the palms were piled up by the road. I worked so slowwww....I realized that if everyday I didn't ger back to sleep after subuh like always before I kicked off to the office, I could even run an orchard!!!!! coz we finished at 9.30a.m,thr usual time I got up from my crappy mattress getting ready to work..

Hmm..it's 1.24 in the morning..Better go to bed. Here are some pictures around my 2nd day Raya preparation..heeee..enjoy

My cousins playing with the firework I bought for them

Ikan bakar for fast-break..home made bebehh