1st day home preparation

First day at home, All of us went to Sungai Besar to buy the curtain...emm..I dont know what they call it. You know, the new way of hanging curtain now, not anymore using the traditional wire penetrating through one end of the curtain to the other end. You have the idea yes? Using the new way, U installed that 'thing' on the wall then we can just hang the curtain using the hooks and U can slide it end to end..Please anyone know what does it call??

5 in a car, and another 2 rode the motorcycle. My youngest sister and my dad rode the bike.

Sabak Bernam 'Beriman dan Budiman' - Sabak Bernam Faithful and generous. Hehhee..it describes well people of Sabak Bernam..ehehe..

Something that cant be proud of..The big drain and pit filled with rubbish. This is not a scenario found only in Sabak Bernam, but everywhere in Malaysia..I envy countries like Japan with her great clean pits and rivers.

Some traditional design around Pekan Sungai Besar.

It seems the cat was also fasting and tired with empty stomach. Sleeping under the car seems so heaven!!

One of the stop. We bought rubber carpet, some containers for the food.

Mom waiting for the apek to cut our carpet

There goes my family in the wet market buying fishes. From left, Biba (5th), Amsari (4th), Mom, Fiqah (6th and youngest) and my sister (1st)
Well that's for the first day.done some shopping and at night we installed the carpet. (what is the best adverb for this?Install seems so awkward). Help please. I also gave the fireworks I bought to my niece and nephew to play..Upload some pictures later.
So, later with other update of 2nd raya.