update from leaveeeeee


There's a lot of things going on since my one-week leave. Some events and ocassions, family outing, a lot..I mean A LOT of pictures waiting to be tidied up and editted if necessary. I have tons of ideas for my entries but I don't know which one to put first.

I haven't got the time to proper lay on my chest facing my laptop to design my friend's custom album. One for birthday party and another one the Engagement Day. I've been advised to use Illustrator to design the album. I just got my hands on it yesterday. So hopefully by the end of today, I would be able to finish the birthday party album..

This is my first debut..I feel like I'm gonna launch my first solo album..ehehehe!!Hopefully Hasnoor would be satisified with the product. Here are some pics from the birthday party

These would be put in the custom album, if you read this Hasnor, just give me any feedback...hehe..

I went to KL on Tuesday as I need to take care of my road tax. The insurance has been renewed, just a matter of the road tax renewal and the rebate claim. Cembam is in KL at the moment as she is waiting for her MYVI SE...clap!Clap!! powerrrrr...

But just got her text message just now saying that the car is still not with her. The original plan to drive it back to Ganu on Tuesday has been dragged and thwarted till this very evening.