I went for bowling last night with my friends from the sepaktakraw court. We kinda make this as weekly activity as on tuesday night, the rate is super save. Play one game free one game. But of course you are not gonna be bowling that night if you don't first book for it.

The interesting part about the bowling with them is the fact that they will bet for every frame, every strike and the total point of the entire game. I'm usually not counted in as I just play for fun. Well, you might say that it's a gamble. But usually the one who won will pay more for the game or treats us for drinks or late supper after the bowl. So, you can say that the winning money is being given back..=p

There are lots of things in my expenses list this month. I changed my lubricant, renewed my license, insurance for my bike and lots more waiting. I've planned to give a visit to Cembam's house at Wakaf Tapai (the people there are so generous though. Imagine, tapai pun diorg wakaf kan!!).

This evening, I'll join my colleague to play tennis. Hahaha!! Tennis!! I played it twice. Once when I was 14, I played at the court next to the mosque (which is now gone and replaced by community college) with a schoolmate, Indian named Mahadeva. I didn't even know the 6 points are counted differently. ANd the 2nd time was when I studied for my maticulation days right after I came back from the PMI meeting wearing baju melayu. I just joined my floormate. ahaha!!! Really looking forward to it. I think it's gonna be fun!! picture today..hehe..