!mm n Khairul - 2 souls linked after 15 years

They first met in 1993 when the bride was 12 years old, just transferred from Kelantan. That's the brief thing I know about their love when they were interviewed during the video session Friday night at Palace of Golden Horses. It was my first night outdoor shoot, but for my eyes and taste..I feel so satisfied with the quality of the pictures I took. There's a lot to improve, but still something that can be considered a photo.

Selamat Pengantin Baru utk Imm dan Khairul.

I don't wanna talk much about the wedding coz I've wrote an entry for it in my other blog ; Abecedariando.blogspot.com. So starting now, any wedding I shot, I just put a picture here and the rest of the story at my other blog. I just afraid u guys, my precious readers might get bored with the same wedding thingy for the entries. So, if you really feel interested, just go there. I'll upload the pictures this time at my personal flickr. Yup, just click my flickr header.


My Saturday was for Emma's wedding. I dont have my pictures with me right now. I'll got it from my friend later as he borrowed my camera for the whole SUnday.

Sunday - I played sepaktakraw for a small league. Just among-friends-league, but ended up lose twice during the first round, so balik awal la..ehehe. I didn't really feel want to play to begin with. I'm not in a good form. But to support the league, I just joined as requested..hehe

Nora met me last night. I've asked her help to renew my motorcycle insurance. So, I was hoping I can get better deal with takaful and Nora just to be the right person to get a favor as she just being a takaful agent (hey..I advertised for U nore, give me some share yah).

She bring her mentor last night. We discussed about the importance of insurance. I really want to enroll with takaful actually. But the financial seems to be a little bit short to be allocated for my personal insurance. But last night, I think I made up my mind to have one. At least my family would get some cash for my burial. I don't want to burden my family even when the day I was gone..huuu...cam sedey plak.

Now, I need to really beng thrifty on spending and manage my financial. I want to buy more units for my trust fund as the price is getting lower. This is the best time to add more units so I could gain more profits later. Hmm..hmm...at the same time, my priority to fund my wedding is on the line...banyak pakai duit maaaa!!! helpppp!!!