missing something

I felt like writing..But I've already looking deep in my thick skull bout something that is worthy to be written here. So far, the result is none. I wonder what bothering me so much to write an entry for today. For the past days, I'm in expressionless mode. I turned down my friend's invitation to hang around at Bangsar with the so-far reason.

I dunno.

I started digging up old songs from the net. Backstreet boys, N'sync and some hindustan video clips. The reason? Cheering up myself? Hmmm..the expressionless mentioned just now contains the level of usual happiness and cheerful. So I don't think it's because to cheer up myself.

Or is this how it felt to miss someone who was away? S.one who used to be so close, just a rang away and you can see her after a couple of messages? Hmm..JIwangks?? Dunno..I don't really think that is the case. I do miss Cembam, but I felt so happy and forgot bout her when I do something, like bowling, playing sports and etc. ehehe..sorry cembam. It's not that I forgot bout U. I just letting u aside at a certain time of the days...ekekekeke!!

I think I need a vacation. Yah...vacation!! That suits me as next week I'm gonna be off for the whole week. Been a while since my last time I applied for my annual leave. Maybe I just miss my mom. Yah? maybe..that's y I keep on listening to sami yusuf's mother. Here, I share with you guys..OMG..it's so nice to be listened..

I miss something here..something I've felt or experienced before. So many things. I missed my bamboo rod with the string and a hook penetrating a frog in the end of it. I miss fishing. I miss ocean, I miss the cold stream!!!

I miss the mother nature...I need one!!!


p/s : suddenly teringat ada tgok pasal nabil. eh nabil ye yg menang 'jadi ko ingat ko pandai sgt nari tu'? aku rasa muka mamat tu mcm tony jaa ong bak. sapa sokong agkt tgn!!